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93rd St Community Development cORP

Accomplishments & Partnership


More than 500 volunteers each year  making the difference in the lives of thousands. Find out how to become a volunteer.

mission & goals

Teach, Train and Transform girls, boys, womem and men to dream and desire a better lifel. Provides social services , financial counseling and computer literacy, and resources to become self-sufficiency. 

I have lived here in South Florida my entire life.  I am so elated that I can help the people in my community with the resources that God has given me.  I have an abundance of joy and peace because I am doing what I was born to do, which is to help people and encourage them to believe in God and don't be afraid of the challenges and choices of life.

Dr. Carl Johnson, President


 Our founder

  • ​​​1999- Feeding Pantry -Feeding the poor in surrounding communities.
  • 2003 - Youth at Risk -Weekly visitation to Juvenile Detention Center.  Monthly workshops with children at risk.
  • 2006 - Department of Health/Erica Group (Collaboration)
  • 2006 - Crisis Pregnancy -Funded by the State to help women in distress throughout pregnancy and after birth.  Providing counseling to girls, women and their partners.
  • 2007 -Clothing - Provide families with donated items.
  • 2015- STAR Summer Camp- Students and teachers achieving remarkable success during our each summer for six weeks.
  • 2015 - Crime Prevention- Department of Justice - Youth Services. Provides life skills to children at risk.(Grant)
  • 2015 - Partnerships with Miami-Dade County Department of Justices and Miami Dade-County Housing Depart. Wells Fargo Bank,  Children' Trust, Miami Dade Public Schools, and Atlantic Pacific Communities- Affordable Housing Project.
  • 2019- Mental Health Summit - Provide families with the resources for handling mental challenges.
  • 2020- Voter Registration & 2020 Consensus - Galvanize  volunteers to work in the field.