• ​​​1999- Feeding Pantry -Feeding the poor in surrounding communities.
  • 2003 - Youth at Risk -Weekly visitation to Juvenile Detention Center.  Monthly workshops with children at risk.
  • 2006 - Department of Health/Erica Group (Collaboration)
  • 2006 - Crisis Pregnancy -Funded by the State to help women in distress throughout pregnancy and after birth.  Providing counseling to girls, women and their partners.
  • 2007 -Clothing - Provide families with donated items.
  • 2015- STAR Summer Camp- Students and teachers achieving remarkable success during our each summer for six weeks.
  • 2015 - Crime Prevention- Department of Justice - Youth Services. Provides life skills to children at risk.(Grant)
  • 2015 - Partnerships with Miami-Dade County Department of Justices and Miami Dade-County Housing Depart. Wells Fargo Bank,  Children' Trust, Miami Dade Public Schools, and Atlantic Pacific Communities- Affordable Housing Project.
  • 2019- Mental Health Summit - Provide families with the resources for handling mental challenges.
  • 2020- Voter Registration & 2020 Consensus - Galvanize  volunteers to work in the field.

Dr. Carl Johnson, President


 Our founder

mission & goals

Teach, Train and Transform girls, boys, womem and men to dream and desire a better lifel. Provides social services , financial counseling and computer literacy, and resources to become self-sufficiency. 

I have lived here in South Florida my entire life.  I am so elated that I can help the people in my community with the resources that God has given me.  I have an abundance of joy and peace because I am doing what I was born to do, which is to help people and encourage them to believe in God and don't be afraid of the challenges and choices of life.

Accomplishments & Partnership


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