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The 93rd St. Community Development has 20 years experience of building relationships with government agencies, private companies, financial companies and non-for-profit organizations. The 93rd Street Baptist Church has supported the CDC since its inception; the CDC is still committed the mission and vision. 

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93rd St Community Development cORP

Jackie Taylor Executive Assistant

  • Our team is amazingly beautiful. They give countless hours helping others in need without seeking accolades or rewards from others. They are compassionate for humanity, We hope you feel an urgency to help under-served communities during this unpredictable season.  Many African-Americans are suffering mentally and financially due to lost of jobs and social injustice. We need your support. Thanks

President/CEO, Carl Johnson has led the 93CDC organization for over 20 years, and he continues to strive and support underserved families.  He fully can relate to hurting and hopeless families because he is a product himself.  He grew up in the "hood" underserved community. He has committed his life to serve humanity.  He works diligently to provide in a new sanctuary in 2008, for approximately $4,000,000 for all people.  He has a solid relationship with community leaders, government officials, judges, and families which is remarkable and noble.  He provides assistance to countless of parishioners, partners, politicians and people in general. Presently, he working with Atlantic Pacific Communities in an effort to build affordable housing units for low-to-moderate families.  He was appointed by the Commissioner, Jean Monestime to oversee the 79th Street Transit Housing Project which is approximately $100,000,00 million per building.  Three buildings are completed and one more remaining. Mr. Johnson is working closely with government officials to secure more funding to build more projects and create jobs in underserved communities.  

Nathalie LaPorte

Graphic Designer

  • Our mission is to teach children and parents in underserved communities how to build confident, courage and compassion to reach their potentials. Our goals are to implement social services to children and families which  would strengthen and sustain them to become self-sufficient. We strongly believe everyone deserves a chance to prosper financially, spiritually and physically.

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  • Our low-income families need your financial support or time (volunteer) to assist them during difficult times. Our year-round food pantry attracts many poor families in need of food,  Each third Saturday, the store is open to feed the community at large. Our wonderful volunteers have been feeding and encouraging over 10,0000 families for over 20 years by Faith in God.

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Esther Johnson

Executive Director

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Cora Ross

 Treasury Secretary